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Chemistry news archive 2004


Rapid progress reported in emerging field of molecular electronics


NYU chemists create DNA translation machine


LCD as a molecular magnifying glass [NWO]




Desires for fatty foods and alcohol share a chemical trigger


Scientists 'PAD' their way to new metal-oxide film technology


INEEL-designed system assists army with chemical weapon destruction




Researchers control chemical reactions one molecule at a time


The secret life of acid dust


New microscope boost for UK nanotechnology research




O Christmas tree: Your bark may fight arthritis


Glass gives up secrets under pressure [Argonne National Laboratory]


Researchers use pentacene to develop next-generation solar power  [Georgia Institute of Technology]




Selective coatings create biological sensors from carbon nanotubes




A deep sea hydrocarbon factory




Nanotubes glow, even within biological cells


Scientists Find Atomic Clues to Tougher Ceramics [Berkeley Lab]




Software tool finds 'needles' in data 'haystacks'


Scientists uncover clues to the mystery of 'gene deserts'




Molecular Chains Line Up to Form Protopolymer [Penn State]


Protein 'key' could aid search for cancer drugs


Less Fat Makes Better Process For Designing New Drugs [Ohio State]




9,000-year history of Chinese fermented beverages confirmed




Quantum memory for light [Max-Planck-Society]


Carnegie Mellon scientist develops way to deliver promising genetic tool into living cells




Northeastern researcher finds missing atmospheric carbon dioxide [Northeastern University]




Molecular pattern dance observed - choreography revealed




A new species of amyloid peptide


FIZ CHEMIE Berlin Improves Database Infotherm for the Planning of Chemical Plants


FIZ CHEMIE Berlin Announces New Database POLYRESIST - Chemical Resistances of Plastics




Emory chemists create unprecedented metallic molecule




New project takes measure of plastic electronics


Young Stars Poised for Production of Rocky Planets [ESO]




Scientists discover air is heavier than we thought


'Self-cleaning' suits may be in your future


Heart responds to fasting by remodeling vital energy-producing components


Computer Simulation Shows How Fibrils – Proteins That Cluster in Diseases – Form [North Carolina State University]


Acid-resistant bug doesn't give in to alcohol either  [Washington University]




Scientists explore atomic mysteries of ancient pigment


New protein structure may aid in design of therapeutics for autoimmune disease


Down Syndrome protein reduces tumor growth




Livermore scientists shape crystals with biomolecules




UO's molecular 'claws' trap arsenic atoms
Discovery could eventually lead to improved treatments for arsenic poisoning


Chemist breaks old barrier to better electron representationin molecular computations


Compound in apples may help fight Alzheimer's disease


Europeans join forces for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry [NWO]


Multipurpose Nanocables Invented [UC Davis News]




Strong, Yet Gentle, Acid Uncovered [UCR News]
New Acid Has Potential to Help With a Variety of Processes




Experiment confirms existence of new electronic state in superconductors


Nature-of-Water Question Makes Another Splash [Berkeley Lab]


Nanocrystals Show a Quick Route to Change [Berkeley Lab]




Designing an ultrasensitive 'optical nose' for chemicals


Gold nano anchors put nanowires in their place


Old Riverbed Keeps Chemicals From Entering Ohio River [Ohio SU]




UCSD Chemists Use Tiny 'Chaperones' To Direct Molecules And Nanoparticles In Drop Of Liquid [UCSD]




Pesticide Disposal Goes Green [Science News]




Researchers Find Color Sensitive Atomic Switch in Bacteria [UTHSC]


Researchers discover transport molecule that allows boron into cells [The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center]




Carving New Frontiers for Ion-Beam Technology - An Imprinter that Combines Electron and Ion Beams Opens the Way for Wider Applications [Berkeley Lab]




UCLA chemists report new nano flash welding




Newly discovered protein suggests novel tumorigenic pathway


New method studies living bacteria cells
Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have found a new way to study individual living bacteria cells and analyze their chemistry [Argonne]




Innovative ideas for a continuously optimized product
The new Makrolon® multi UV IQ-Relax sheets baffle against heat and insulate at the same time


Strong-flavored onions show promise for fighting cancer




The 'green' side of pumpkins — purging pollution from contaminated soils




Experts debate benefits, dangers of chlorine in C&EN point-counterpoint


Launch of the Online Journal of Nanotechnology at


A Nanowire with a Surprise
New research may advance the nanoelectronics field [BNL Laboratory News]




Sealing corneal incisions with a drop of chemistry, BU researchers develop gel for cataract surgery




Wiley-VCH forms publishing partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences




Emory chemists develop bacteria that may help decaffeinate coffee




The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2004
for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation




The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
to Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck for their discoveries of "odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system"




Commandeering cellular machinery: recognition mechanism to detect small molecules




Buckyballs at Bat: Toxic nanomaterials get a tune-up [Science News]




Studying the chemistry of drugs in wastewater




EMBO Gold Medal 2004 goes to Spanish scientist


Control of molecular switches increased by tailored intermolecular interactions




Researchers create nanotubes that change colors, form 'nanocarpet' and kill bacteria


Rice finds 'on-off switch' for buckyball toxicity


Spun from bone - PNNL-USC team discovers how protein in teeth controls bone-like crystals to form steely enamel


New sequence involved in DNA replication timing may aid in cancer detection




Bullish chemical could repel yellow fever mosquitoes [Indiana University]




Synthesis and Characterization of Biotinylated Forms of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 [ACS Article]




Resveratrol synthase uncovered: Cyclization specificity of type III polyketide synthases




The science of shrinkage: Nano guitars and clocks [USA Today]




Using a carbon nanotube, Cornell researchers make an oscillator so small it might weigh a single atom [Cornell News]


Green, leafy spinach may soon power more than Popeye’s biceps [MIT]




Chemical Sensor Could Enable New Ways To Monitor Pollutants [Ohio State University]




Research on carbohydrate metabolism receives historical recognition


Hydrocarbons in the deep Earth?




Cell's gatekeeper for ammonia revealed in unprecedented detail


Israeli scientists reveal the plan of a key cellular machine


Bacteria use 'molecular lasso' to cop copper


Self-assembling designer molecules that mimic nature could lead to nano-device advances, Cornell researchers report [Cornell News]


Nanotechnology leads to discovery of super superconductors [DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory]




Natural mineral locks up carbon dioxide

Scanning Electron Microscopy image of carbon dioxide sequestered in treated serpentine minerals. Crystals shown here are primarily nesquehonite."


Rice refining production of pure nanotube fibers
Pioneering fiber production methods similar to those of Kevlar(R), Zylon(R)




Flame retardants found on supermarket shelves




Molecular motor myosin VI moves 'hand over hand,' researchers say


Crystals in nanofocus - Max Planck Scientists strike new paths in nanoanalysis and data storage with infrared light [MPG]




Surface physics technique reveals complex chemical reactions on icy surfaces


Study: Some treatment plants effectively remove drugs, hormones from wastewater


Riverbank filtration pulls pollutants from drinking water




In gene regulation, small is beautiful


New class of compounds promises to revive failing hearts




Chemical engineers discover filtration system to help biotech industry


Scientists reinvent DNA as template to produce organic molecules




Researchers show how to assemble building blocks for nanotechnology


When is a mouse like a test tube?
Novel chemical reaction offers promise in biology and medicine


Sweet success in targeting sugar molecules to cells in living animals


NIST, CU scientists report first observation of an 'Atomic Air Force'




ASU researchers demonstrate new technique that improves the power of atomic force micrscopy


Chemists at Caltech devise new, simpler way to make carbohydrates [Science Blog]




Common call for action on European Research Council (ERC)




Scientists formulate intelligent glass that blocks heat not light




Lighting the Way for Water: New strategy for steering drops with finesse [Science News]


Stacking-Unstacking Dynamics of Oligodeoxynucleotide Trimers [ACS]




Chemistry & Biodiversity:
The Sweet Smell of Success

John Wiley & Sons is pleased to announce the launch of the new chemistry journal, Chemistry & Biodiversity.




Snapshots of the movement of molecules in a billionth of a second




DFG presents the 2004 MAK and BAT value lists
Numerous changes and new entries – cadmium classified as a human carcinogen


ASU researchers demonstrate new nanotech effect - moving water molecules by light


Firefly compound lights up 'protein dance' in living animals




U of T research answers key question in biochemistry
Characterize intermediates at atomic level


A New Advance in Gallium Nitride Nanowires [Berkeley Lab]




New world record magnet for chemical and biomedical research




Nature mimics industry [Dartmouth News]




Nitrogen Power: New crystal packs a lot of punch [Science News]




First medical test on CD gets good results - Fast [Ohio State University]




How worms' noses sense oxygen [Berkeley Lab]




Tuning the Nanoworld - New Methods for Constructing Nanostructures and Calculating Their Electronic States [Berkeley Lab]




Nanoparticles stiff from constant strain [UC Berkeley News]


EC boosts European Electron Microscopy Research [Max Planck Society]




3-D structure of anthrax toxin complex solved




Comfortably Numb - Anesthetics are slowly giving up the secrets of how they work [Science News Online]




To Grow, Stars And Planets Need Space Dust ... And Formaldehyde? [Science Daily]




How DNA Repair Machinery is a 'Two-Way Street' [Duke University]




Antioxidant controversy: Scientists seek measurement standards


To grow, stars and planets need space dust . . . and formaldehyde? [Ohio State University]




Basic RNA enzyme research promises single-molecule biosensors

Research aimed at teasing apart the workings of RNA enzymes eventually may lead to ways of monitoring fat metabolism and might even assist in the search for signs of life on Mars, according to University of Michigan researcher Nils Walter. His latest work was published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences June 24.




Common chemicals morphing into potential toxins in Arctic




Scientists Discover Two New Interstellar Molecules: Point to Probable Pathways for Chemical Evolution in Space [National Radio Astronomy Observatory]


How left-handed amino acids got ahead




Gold-tipped nanocrystals developed by Hebrew University




Largest USDA study of food antioxidants reveals best sources




Studies on electric polarization open potential for tinier devices [Argonne National Laboratory]


Pumping energy to nanocrystals from a quantum well [Los Alamos National Laboratory]




Force microscopy resolves atomic details less than 100 picometers apart

Science, the Washington-based scientific news journal reports in its June 10th online edition of Science Express about a breakthrough in the resolving power of microscopy achieved by a team of physicists at Augsburg University




UO researchers learn to precisely control nanoparticle spacing


BU chemists debut online resource for researchers seeking to build new bioactive compounds


NIH launches first center in Nationwide Chemical Genomics Network




Protein Engineered to Detect Nerve Gas [DukeMedNews]


Film found on windows after 9/11 reveals higher level of pollutants




NASA researchers customize 'lab-on-a-chip' technology [NASA News Release]




Chemical Knot: Scientists assemble legendary symbol by interlocking molecules [Science News Online]




Chemists make molecular interlocked rings




Prize Money Announced for the Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Challenge


Chemical Heritage Foundation Receives Rare Early Texts Valued in Excess of $10 Million [Chemical Heritage Foundation]




Top 50 U.S. Chemical Producers Report [C&EN, ACS]




Developing tools for reliable 'gene chip' measurements




Narrowing the Interdisciplinary Divide: Mangosee OSC to Empower Researchers, Manufacturers and Suppliers & Promote Efficiency, Communication and Adventure in Organic Semiconductors [PRWeb]




A Bit Of Titan On Earth Helps In The Search For Life's Origins [Science Daily]




Chemical company earnings jump in 2004 first quarter




Labs-on-a-chip to Detect Milk Contamination [The Whitaker Foundation]




Protein keeps cold fish from becoming frozen flounder, new study shows
'Hyperactive' antifreeze protein has eluded researchers for more than 30 years.




22-amino acid bacterium created by Scripps scientists




Chemist's technique enables creation of novel carbon nanoparticles [WUSTL]


Botulinum Toxin Structure Offers Clues for Vaccines/Treatments [Brookhaven National Laboratory]




Wisconsin chemists find a new chink in TB's armor




Golden tongues




Findings redefine mechanism of action of RNA helicase enzymes


Sandia polymer electrolyte membrane brings goal of a high temperature PEM fuel cell closer [Sandia News Center]




UO patent opens way for green nano
Diborane and benzene can be replaced with safer, faster, cheaper non-toxic process.




Scientists report how protons induce water cages




PTC Therapeutics' researchers identify biochemical pathway important for modulating cell growth




UCLA chemists develop new coating for nanoscale probes


A Conveyor Belt for the Nano-Age [Berkeley Lab]




PNNL on fast track for hydrogen fuel reformer [PNNL News]


Diagnostic method based on nanoscience could rival PCR


Nanogold does not glitter, but its future looks bright
At the nano-level, gold acquires a new shine, a new set of properties and a host of potential new applications.




Aberration-corrected microscopes bring 2020 vision to the nano-world


Moore donation wins Californian's book trove [ phillyBurbs ]




Batch control makes chemical reactions easier to manage [ NWO ]




Experiment harnesses state-of-the-art sequencing technology to detect life on Mars




Ceramics data enters a new phase


Glowing microspheres improve fluorescence measurements


Self-assembling 'nanotubes' offer promise for future artificial joints [ Pudue News ]




Carnegie Mellon U. develops microgel to recover enzymes for manufacturing, research assays




'Crystal engineering' helps scientists solve 3-D protein structures
Research aids drug design; Sheds light on plague and other diseases.


Researchers probe link between nanotechnology and health
Rochester expert warns of toxicity in new wave of science




Stretching the imagination
The amazing properties of 'liquid crystal elastomers'


USC awarded $3.5 million to study DNA enzyme
USC scientists to study enzyme that copies genetic information




Water molecules clump more loosely than previously thought

Structure of the First Coordination Shell in Liquid Water

[ Illustration by H. Ogasawara ]




Aerogels: 'Solid Smoke' May Have Many Uses [ UC Davis ]




Creating polymers that act like biomolecules




Molecular midwives hold clues to the origin of life


PNNL develops mercury-absorbing pollution solution


Best way to clean up toxic plumes? Give 'em a pill




Mars Express confirms methane in the Martian atmosphere [ ESA ]


Duke engineers fabricating polymer 'nanobrushes' and other 'smart' molecule-sized structures


Frog skin and supercomputers lead Penn chemists to designing better bacteria killers


Research explains how to boost efficiency of polymer organic light-emitting diodes


How minerals react in the environment depends on particle size


Chemists seek light-activated glue for vascular repair


Spying on a Cell - New Nanosensors a Body Can Live With [UA News]


Making the most of stem cells


How DNA Copying Enzyme "Stops the Presses" for Repair Synthesizing Enzyme [ Dukemed news ]




Type of buckyball shown to cause brain damage in fish


Composite fibers with carbon nanotubes offer improved mechanical and electrical properties




Titania nanotube hydrogen sensors clean themselves




Study: Carbon dioxide may find new use in producing medical implants [Ohio State University]


UCLA chemists report most sophisticated artificial nanomachine yet [Small Times Media]


Trio wins American Chemical Society polymer education award


Harvard chemist wins national award for lifetime contributions to science, medicine




Iron Power: Eking more juice from batteries [Science News]




Electricity controls nanocrystal shape [Argonne]




Optical glucose sensor holds promise for diabetics and intensive care patients


Fish oil supplements may contain flame retardants




King Tut liked red wine
Ancient Egyptians believed in properly equipping a body for the afterlife, and not just through mummification. A new study reveals that King Tutankhamun eased his arduous journey with a stash of red wine.


Rice wins $5M nano instrumentation grant from DOD
Research team to develop new optical imaging technology.




Revolutionary chemical instrument receives historical recognition


Microbe's trick provides a template for willowy crystals

Polymer fibers extruded by microbes found in an abandoned Wisconsin iron mine serve as templates for the manufacture of microscopic crystals of hairlike proportions. The unusual crystals and how they are made may provide key insight into how nature makes some of its most durable materials, substances such as teeth, bone and shell.

Photo by: courtesy Gelsomina De Stasio


Charge doping of molecules one atom at a time


Doping Buckyballs With Atoms, One at a Time - Researchers Tune the Electronic Properties of Individual C60 Molecules [DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory].


Method produces uniform, self-assembled nanocells

[The peaks on this three-dimensional plot indicate a high concentration of liposomes forming in a microchannel]




Future of nanoscale science will be explored with new Kavli Institute at Cornell University [ Cornell News ]




Watching Genes in Action - Method is First to Show Three Genes at Once in Higher Animals [ University of Utah ]




Ocean's Surface Could Have Big Impact On Air Quality, Study Says
[ Ohio State University ]




Transporter's function provides support for eating vegetables, limiting antibiotics




Improved manufacturing produces better polymer displays
Technical Insights Light Emitting Polymers Analysis.


Penn Researchers Introduce a New Nanotube-Laced Gel, Create New Means of Aligning Nanotubes  [ University of Pennsylvania ]




The Fastest Stopwatch in the World [ Max Planck Society ]
German-Austrian research team presents a method of measuring time in the region of a few hundred attoseconds, allowing the observation of atomic processes on this time scale.




Seamless circular 'nanorings' could be nanoscale sensors, resonators & transducers




Marine sponges provide model for nanoscale materials production


Purdue chemists 'put the twist' on protein building block [ Purdue News ]




Microbial fuel cell cleans, generates electricity from domestic wastewater




Antireflection coating for solar collectors patented and undergoing practical tests in California




Oxidation processes basis of interdisciplinary research, graduate training




Chemical turns stem cells into beating heart cells


Question about fundamental chemistry of water answered


New method for converting nitrogen to ammonia [ Cornell News ]




Chemical that turns mouse stem cells into heart muscles discovered by Scripps researchers




CHF publishes biography of Fritz Haber [ Chemical Heritage Foundation ]




3D fabrication technique uses light-activated molecules to create complex microstructures


Study shows how African-American Ph.D. chemists overcame discrimination to build careers




Nobel laureate discusses muse for Lavoisier [ Cornell News ]




Laser method identifies, counts toxic molecules




Chemistry puts new sparkle in diamonds [ C&EN, ACS ]


'Heavy metal' snow on blazing Venus is lead sulfide [ WUSTL News ]




Nitrogen Unbound: New reaction breaks strong chemical link [ Science News ]




Warm water vibrates for longer


European chemists unite


Seeing how plants split water could provide key to our future energy needs




Oxygen and carbon discovered in exoplanet atmosphere 'blow-off' [ ESA ]


Scientists find ozone-destroying molecule




‘Rule-breaking’ molecule could lead to non-metal magnets [ Purdue News ]


Livermore scientists team with Russia to discover elements 113 and 115




Protein Data Bank receives $30 million grant


New antioxidants are 100 times more effective than vitamin E




Livermore scientists reveal details of reactive states of water-to-air interface


Molecular level discovery could play role in development of new antibiotics




Sandia, UNM researchers mimic photosynthetic proteins to manipulate platinum at the nanoscale




Chemical Science


New type of nanotube made of gold or silver created at the Weizmann Institute




Fish, FRAMES and sticky chemicals net technology award for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory




New advance to combat antibiotic-resistant pneumonia and malaria


Simple sugars make cell walls like steel




Small Defects Have Large Impact
Max Planck materials scientists discover why ferroelectric materials sometimes lose their useful properties in the nanometer range




Marine Superglue: Mussels get stickiness from iron in seawater [Science News]




Online calculator improves analysis of chemical data




Chemical outlook positive for U.S., Canada, Asia-Pacific; modest for Europe


OHSU-led research examines role of copper, iron in diseases


New way to defend against new biological agents [Pharma-Lexicon International]




Chemists crack secrets of nature's super glue


Purdue chemist 'mussels' in on secrets of natural adhesives




New device can help defend against novel biological agents

 [Photo by Daniel Dubois, Vanderbilt University]




UF study suggests life on Earth sprang from borax minerals




Tiny heaters may pave way for easier tissue engineering, medical sensors


Purdue engineers develop quick, inexpensive method to prototype microchips


Peregrine falcons may face new environmental threat




Scientists find new way to store hydrogen fuel




MTBE alternatives could pose similar environmental threat


Parasite's enzyme structure helps address a public health issue


Petrochemical Heritage Award to William A. McMinn, Jr.


Subject category: Chemistry news archive 2004


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